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Vukovar, Croatia is a wonderful, fascinating, tragic place.  In 1991, in near by Borovo Selo what was may have been a  prank ended up with a handful of dead Serbs and Croats (pronounced Crow-ATs).  The war then started for Croatia's independence from Yugoslavia.  Vukovar was the site of some of the most intense fighting.  It was surrounded by the JNA (Yugoslav National Army) which flattened the town.  The Croats defended, but it was a lost cause.  The world was watching Dubrovnik and no one noticed the destruction of what was once the breadbasket of the whole region.  

I lived in Vukovar in May and June of 1998, and returned in September, 1998.  I visit frequently as I have many Serb and Croat friends.  I tried to show not only destruction, but the beauty of the area too.  Comments will be sparse here, as the pictures speak for themselves.  Please note a correction below.  

Click on any picture to see a full sized JPEG and use the back button in your browser to return.  All photos are Copyright, 1998,1999, 2000, Jon Newstrom.  All Rights Reserved.

Return Godot.jpg (111471 bytes)K J A Water Tower.jpg (86924 bytes)

This one is worth looking at the larger image.  Look at the Graffitti.


Karen, Joe, and Amy at the famous Vukovar Water Tower.




Vukovar New and Old.jpg (25276 bytes)Dunav at Ilok.jpg (41122 bytes)

Old and New buildings side by side.


The Danube (Dunav) river near Ilok, Croatia




Catholic_Church.jpg (28375 bytes)New Chapel.jpg (98171 bytes)

I made a mistake, and had incorrectly identified this picture.  I thought I had used a reliable source.  I was wrong.  I apologize to anyone effected by my mistake. 

It is a private family chapel.

A new shot; notice the street light a sign of reconstruction.



Department_Store.jpg (27755 bytes)



Before the war this was a department store




Below is a typical house.  Below right is yours truly with the staff of Radio Dunav.


Radio_Vukovar2.jpg (21862 bytes)House_Near_TV_Dunav.jpg (45418 bytes)







Pharamacy_Street.jpg (38607 bytes)

A pharmacy is in the building behind the photographer, so I call it Pharmacy Street,  Street names were worthless at that time.


Pretty Dunav.jpg (37914 bytes)

The Dunav River, Serbia is the far bank.





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